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# Presenter Paper title
1 Dobrecky-Mery Idit Renal Safety in Diabetic Acute Coronary Syndrome Patients Treated with Vildagliptin
2 Wassilew Katharina Myocardial Remodeling of Cardiac Allografts in the Late Transplant Course
3 Schellinger N. Isabel “A3-Shield” A translational Approach Towards Small Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm (AAA) Therapy
4 Eitan Amnon Advanced Procedure – Advanced Complications?
5 Dobrecky-Mery Idit Hypoglycemic Events During Hospitalization in Diabetic Acute Coronary Syndrome Patients Treated with Vildagliptin vs. Guidelines Based Medical Therapy
6 Tóth Štefan Pcsk9 Concentrations in Different Stages of Subclinical Atherosclerotic Changes and their Relationship with Inflammation
7 Burke M. Gordon Longitudinal Strain Compared with Le4 Ventricular Ejec9on Frac9on in Transcatheter Aor9c Valve
8 Wassilew Katharina The Effect of Experimentally Induced Autoimmune Myocarditis on Extra Cardiac Solid Organs in a Rat Model
9 Kubota Hiroshi Infrared Coagulator "Kyo-Co"to Treat Arrhythmia,Infectious Endocarditis, and Cardiac Tumor
10 Velicki Lazar Decision Support System for Selecting Optimal Coronary Revascularization Strategy
11 Sergey Semitko Simultaneous use of Two Stent Retrievers for Intracranial Thrombus Extraction in Ischemic Stroke (R-Culotte technique)
12 Saygin Melisa Venous Valvular Rejuvenation
14 Jackson Peter Bc Micro-Structured Membrane Eliminates Fibrotic Adhesion inside The Device Pocket and Facilitates Cied Exchanges and Redo-Procedures
15 Kobo Ofer Prevalence of New and Occult Malignancies Among Patients with Nstemi with Non- Significant CAD
16 Gennari Marco Transiliac Aortic Valve Replacement: Feasibility, Safety and Medium-Term Follow-Up
17 Kaluski Edo Bailout Antegrade Arteriotomy Site Repair After Large Bore
18 Kaluski Edo Ipsilateral superficial femoral artery wire protection for TAVR and large arteriotomy closure
19 Remsey-Semmelweis Ernoe Genetics Are Only The Weekening Factors Of The Aortic Wall In Typ A and B Aortic Dissections, The Real Cause Is The Kinetic Force.
20 Kaledin Aleksandr Occlusion of the Radial Artery. Reality or Myth